Industry Specific Solutions

ParaDM provides industry-specific applications and a wealth of advanced solutions to boost their productivity and set new standards of operation efficiency. Here are some business challenges and corresponding ParaDM solutions provided for your reference.

Architecture, engineering and construction (AEC)

AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) firms rely heavily on hard copy documents in their daily communications with customers, project team, contractors, and business partners to manage their projects. These documents include letters, memo, tender documents, reports, drawings, correspondences and other supporting documents.

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Financial service institutes (FSI)

Banking and Financial Services institutes have to fulfill industry specific security and regulatory compliance mandates and thus have very stringent requirements on the security and authenticity of their business transactions and data records. Different types of documents need to be properly processed and archived and readily retrievable for compliance and customer satisfaction reasons.

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Trading is a business that needs to deal with huge amount of documents e.g. invoices, shipping document, export and import licenses, customer correspondences and other supporting documents. Manual processing, tracking and retrieval of these are error-prone, tedious and almost impossible e.g. for large trading enterprises with distributed branch offices across the continents.

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Government agencies and departments rely on document-based communications to perform their functions and manage their effective operations. For example, government policies are drafted and disseminated for review by their designated recipients for their information and actions accordingly. These important documents, either in hardcopy or electronic forms, need to be properly authenticated, tracked and validated for its dissemination to the approved destinations. While electronic messaging is also adopted, the unique nature of government operations call for very reliable means to control the dissemination and tracking of these important documents.

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Student record management and administration is a universal problem faced by all educational institutes if no document management system (DMS) is in place. Tons of student records are generated each semester e.g. registration documents, certificates, awards, academic results, membership records, score sheets and all other supporting documents. From time to time, these needed to be retrieved and updated regularly or per ad hoc requests. Manual archiving, sorting and retrieval are painful and counterproductive processes that educators hope to resolve.

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