Trading and Logistics

Business Challenges

Trading is a business that needs to deal with huge amount of documents e.g. invoices, shipping document, export and import licenses, customer correspondences and other supporting documents. Manual processing, tracking and retrieval of these are error-prone, tedious and almost impossible e.g. for large trading enterprises with distributed branch offices across the continents.

A more precise study by a world leading trading conglomerate reviews that they will need to support more than 100,000,000 online documents to cope with their current business needs as well as future growth.

A single scalable document management system (DMS) which can archive all the classified documents of its business operations is required. Moreover, the system must be easily integrated with its numerous legacy IT systems for end-to-end business process automation.


The Solution

ParaDM is the ideal solution that can meet the scalability, versatility and reliability requirements of these customers. ParaDoc is a highly scalable document management system that can act as a single repository of all scanned, indexed document images for the entire enterprise. It has numerous versatile APIs to facilitate the integration with enterprise IT systems to retrofit legacy applications with document image retrieval functions.

The ParaDM system supports high availability and disaster recovery configurations to support mission critical business applications



Power Tools and Plug-ins

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