Business Challenges

Government agencies and departments rely on document-based communications to perform their functions and manage their effective operations. For example, government policies are drafted and disseminated for review by their designated recipients for their information and actions accordingly. These important documents, either in hardcopy or electronic forms, need to be properly authenticated, tracked and validated for its dissemination to the approved destinations. While electronic messaging is also adopted, the unique nature of government operations call for very reliable means to control the dissemination and tracking of these important documents.


The Solution

ParaDM is widely adopted by many different government departments as the trusted document management solution to meet their demanding requirements in document authentication, document dissemination validation and act as a trusted source of secure document exchange.

Document Management System (DMS) 

Many government departments employ DMS to scan, convert, store and manage large quantity of documents. DMS can save space and cost in managing huge amounts of paper documents and ease the search, archival, retrieval and management of document records. Content can be readily retrieved from DMS for integration with other systems for processing, analysis and reports.

Document Tracking System (DTS)

This document tracking workflow solution is employed to ensure important government documents or policy papers (hard copies) are reliably disseminated to the designated recipient(s) on time and are duly received. Document distribution flow can be predefined or assigned at run time.

eDocX Solution

This is a trusted document exchange gateway serving multiple government departments to facilitate the tracking of document disseminations to their designated recipients. Electronic documents sent to eDocX gateway are properly forwarded onto the ParaDM Document Tracking System (DTS) to perform its document tracking functions. Users enjoy the same reliable distribution, tracking and report of document flow as with DTS.

Digital Document Tracking System (DDTS)

This document tracking workflow solution is employed to ensure important documents saved in the ParaDoc system or in ParaDM eDocX system (see eDocX solution section) are reliably sent to and received by the correct designated recipient(s) on time. It allows forward restriction with "effective date" setting. It supports Chinese, English and Portuguese optical character recognition (OCR). Documents can be sent to multiple users/roles/groups with AJAX auto suggestion.

eCert Signing Solution

This solution is used to authenticate and certify the originality of policy papers or orders with no ambiguity of source of document/information. Both the ParaDM eSignTrust Solution for DTS and ParaDoc plus ParaFlow can support this function for signing on documents with digital signatures. Only authorized user accounts can initiate the flow. Document flow status is tracked and monitored. Support batch signing and multiple signatures and auto-verification of signature when opening document. Can convert to PDF or PDF/A after signing.

Moreover, the ParaDM document management system can be used together with its versatile workflow management solution to streamline administrative processes and to implement new e-government initiatives. For example, these can be used in license applications, government inquiry hotline, case management, research, trusted document exchange gateway, public news dissemination and many others.



Power Tools and Plug-ins

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