Business Challenges

Student record management and administration is a universal problem faced by all educational institutes if no document management system (DMS) is in place. Tons of student records are generated each semester e.g. registration documents, certificates, awards, academic results, membership records, score sheets and all other supporting documents. From time to time, these needed to be retrieved and updated regularly or per ad hoc requests. Manual archiving, sorting and retrieval are painful and counterproductive processes that educators hope to resolve.


The Solution

With ParaDoc and ParaScan, documents along with its owners’ attributes can be automatically indexed and archived. ParaDM solutions work with popular multifunction printers (MFP) to automatically scan and index batch of documents and place these securely into electronic stores. Search and retrieval of a specific record of a student can be done instantly. Inquiry on test result or admission status etc. can be immediately handled & answered if needed. No more suspected lost records nor frustration to lecturers and students. It eliminates tedious manual processes, reduce hardcopy saving spaces, improve efficiency of teaching and administration staffs and foster a win-win relationship between the educators and the students.


Power Tools and Plug-ins

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