Business Challenges

AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) firms rely heavily on hard copy documents in their daily communications with customers, project team, contractors, and business partners to manage their projects. These documents include letters, memo, tender documents, reports, drawings, correspondences and other supporting documents.

Project managers need to control the access and manage the flow of project documents to ensure effective collaborations of project teams. Information should only be accessed by stakeholders with designated rights to protect the confidentiality and integrity of information. Document distribution legend must be managed and logged to ensure timely and accurate dissemination of information for actions. Project status and progress must be continuously tracked and monitored to ensure project timelines are met.

However, manual processing and filing of project documents are inefficient, insecure, tedious and prone to errors and delays. Any slip of project timelines will result in loss of time and revenues to the business.


The Solution

ParaDM Document and Workflow Management solution provides sophisticated functions designed specifically for AEC firms in project document management, letter management, incoming/outgoing correspondence management and team collaboration.

AEC firms can pre-define project folders to enforce and facilitate standardized project folder management practices. Project folders are structured with definable type and subtype classifications with standardized nomenclature conventions. Folders can be preset with appropriate access rights.

For each project, team members will be assigned with their respective project roles so that they are automatically granted the document access rights which are appropriate to their roles. This significantly reduces the risks and administrative tasks in document management. Moreover, documents will be automatically numbered with auto-generated reference code and file names. They will be finally filed according to the defined practices.

In addition to project document management functions, users can implement additional functions to facilitate project management e.g. incoming and outgoing correspondences through different communication channels which can be fully logged and recorded to track project progress and prompt for users’ actions. Furthermore, the project management solution can be integrated with ParaDM’s workflow functions for customized project workflow automation.


Power Tools and Plug-ins

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