"Today, 80% of business is conducted on unstructured information... Unstructured data doubles every three months ..." By Gartner Group

In the recent years, the rapid growth of our digital economy has led to a sharp decline in the cost of computer equipment, digital storage and various hardware/software components. Organizations are faced with challenges of managing redundant and unstructured electronic documents, which have been dispersed throughout companies' fileservers. The most critical assets of a company are sensitive documents, which becomes a challenge when it comes to searching and ensuring the most updated version is available.



ParaDM (pronounced: paradigm), a web-based open-architecture enterprise document management suite, that is truly designed for real-world application, enables enterprises and institutions to become more transparent, effective, flexible, and in-control with their business processes and operations. Its core modules include ParaShare, ParaDoc, ParaScan, ParaFlow and ParaForm. 


  • Indexing, search and retrieval of relevant content
  • Document version control
  • Security and access control
  • Comprehensive audit trail
  • Automatic electronic distribution of documents
  • Document routing and approval for lifecycle management
  • Recovery and rollback capability
  • Open source ArchitectureM
  • Web-based application and platform independence


secure collaboration platform

Digital Workspace – defines and include the internal and external participants of collaboration with ease.
Secure Access – assign role-based access rights to internal and external users to assure productivity and data security                 
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External Sharing Solution 

Full control of permitted functions on shared document with external parties
Powerful T2 functions – wrong document or version sent can be retrieved and replaced                              
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Document Management Solution 

      Productive collaboration: seamless integration with existing IT systems to facilitate automation and collaboration
Document control and security: comprehensive functions for access and version control, audit trail and reporting
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Workflow Management Solution 

Automate business workflow to replace error-prone and tedious manual work processes                         
Sophisticated task routing capabilities to suit different work flow scenarios 
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e-Form Solution 

Web based platform for easy access of html form anytime, anywhere                                                         
Dynamic field handling and advanced validation and operations                    
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Imaging Solution 

Process large volume of documents in batches with user-defined process flow                                      
Intelligent batch processing: capabilities to sort and organize documents
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Power Tools and Plug-ins

A smarter way to share files and track usage. Learn More