Power Tools

In addition to the four core ParaDM product modules, we offer a suite of advanced product power tools which can be purchased separately to readily enhance the functions of the ParaDM products. These include the followings:


Headquarter Sync (HQSync)

This power tool can replicate and synchronize document content from remote sites to central site at scheduled times.

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Document Caching Service (DCS)

This DCS power tool is ideal for remote office support to cache those frequently accessed documents to significantly reduce the wait time due to latency inherent to wide area network (WAN) traffic.

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ParaDM Technical Documentations (Digital Copy)

We can provide documentations and trainings to help customers with in-house programming and RDBMS resources to integrate the ParaDM systems with their internal IT systems. 

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Content Level Encryption with HSM

This power tool for data protection provides the most robust protection of document content against security fraud or other causes of information leakage.

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ParaScan Recognition Express (ParaSCAN RE)

This server based OCR engine allows ParaDoc users to efficiently and centrally convert scanned documents into electronic text files.


ParaShare Connector

ParaShare Connector can turn you MFP (multi-function printers) into a next generation document management and sharing solution. Users enjoy automated and streamlined filing, archive and external sharing of documents with full control of document life cycle to significantly boost productivity.

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SmartFile Connector

This SmartFile Connector supports the seamless integration of ParaDoc with MFP (multi-function printers) to allow users to directly capture, digitize, file and archive documents into the ParaDoc with ease.

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Single Sign On (SSO)

This power tool provides auto-log on to ParaDM applications once a user is successfully logged onto the corporate system. This is ideal for large corporations in which the users need to access a wealth of different applications.

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Power Tools and Plug-ins

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