ParaShare Connector can turn you MFP (multi-function printers) into a next generation document management and sharing solution. Users enjoy automated and streamlined filing, archive and external sharing of documents with full control of document life cycle to significantly boost productivity.

Unmatched productivity with simultaneous digitizing, filing and sharing of documents with designated recipients
Full control of external sharing and permitted functions on shared documents
Full log and record to track document activities
Simple Distribution List creation and management
Innovative Take2 function to avoid unwanted troubles


ParaShare Connector designed for MFP (multi-function printers) user is a ground breaking next generation document management and sharing solution. This combines the integrated and advanced functions of a centralized document management system with unmatched, secure and versatile document sharing functions with external parties. Users have full control of all digitized documents with automated and streamlined filing, archival and external sharing functions to significantly simplify the repetitive and error-prone tasks. It takes full advantage of the intuitive and configurable touch-screen console based user interface of the MFP - bringing you unmatched productivity and efficiency when collaborating with customers and business partners.


  • Integrated with MFP for one click scan and share - simple email and subject template to allow quick share of selected documents with selected   recipients
  • Full control of document properties that are shared with external parties– e.g. view-only, print, download etc.
  • Document properties, address books etc. can be predefined in a template to avoid operational mistakes 
  • Personalized external address book. Auto Suggest function available for recipient selection
  • Full log and record of activities for easy tracking of delivery and access
  • Simple creation, management and editing of distribution list by users
  • Direct access of required distribution lists on MFD touch screen panel with configurable smart buttons; can add ad hoc recipient(s) if needed
  • Versatile Take2 (T2) function- to retrieve and replace a wrong document or version that is sent but not read yet to avoid unwanted headaches
  • Easy to use by external recipients, no learning required


Power Tools and Plug-ins

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