Content Level Encryption with HSM

This power tool for data protection provides the most robust protection of document content against security fraud or other causes of information leakage.

Hardware Security Module (HSM)
Choices of symmetric key algorithms
Protect all documents uploaded to ParaDoc                                                                               


Users can use this secure power tool to encrypt and protect document content of ParaDoc against security fraud or other causes of data leakage


  • PCI adapter based Hardware Security Module – HSM
  • Secure tamper protected key storage and management
  • Documents can be encrypted to choices of symmetric key algorithms among AES, DES, 3DES, CAST-128, RC2, RC4, and SEED.
  • All documents uploaded to ParaDoc will go through the encryption process through the HSM and similarly decrypted for downloads.
  • One set of SafeNet ProtectServer Gold Hardware Security Module PCI 25 is provided  
  • Installation of PCI card and configuration are included


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