In addition to the four core ParaDM product modules, we offer a suite of advanced product plug-ins which can be purchased separately to readily enhance the functions of the ParaDM products. These include the followings:


Project Document Management Plug-In

This plug-in is designed to meet the specific requirements of project document management with emphasis on access right control and efficient collaboration. 

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Digital Document Tracking System (DDTS)

This plug-in works in conjunction with ParaDM eDocX, our trusted document exchange gateway solution, to ensure important documents saved in the ParaDoc system or in ParaDM eDocX system are reliably sent to and received by the correct designated recipient(s) on time.

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Document Tracking System (DTS)

This plug-in can keep track of the dissemination and flow of hard copy documents between departments to ensure they are received on time by the right recipients.

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Adobe Server Side eSigntrust solution for DTS

This plug-in is used to authenticate and certify the originality of documents with no ambiguity of source of document/information.

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ParaDM Server Side Rule Base Auto Email Archive Plug-in

This plug-in can effectively integrate email with DMS to facilitate the organization of important business documents into a central repository for efficient archival, retrieval or further integration with other IT systems.  

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Lotus Notes Mail Archive (Client Side)

This plug-in provides an effective mean for Lotus Notes mail users to select multiple mails for backup into the ParaDM system. 

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Power Tools and Plug-ins

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