Digital Document Tracking System (DDTS)

This plug-in for ParaDoc works in conjunction with ParaDM eDocX, our trusted document exchange gateway solution, to ensure important documents saved in the ParaDoc system or in ParaDM eDocX system are reliably sent to and received by the correct designated recipient(s) on time.

Support check-in / check-out during document circulation                                                     
Support document attach from ParaDoc or local drive
Auto-assign sub reference number to document attachments
OCR support of Chinese, English and Portugal PDF and TIFF content



  • Support Primary and Supporting attachments to Paper Document
  • Support Check-in / Check-out during document circulation
  • Direct attach documents from ParaDoc
  • Allow User to define attachment default filing location
  • eDocX document will be automatically added into the eDocX Inbox page
  • Allow forward restriction with effective date setting
  • Support attaching documents from ParaDoc or local drive
  • Allow sending out through eDocX (with eDocX solution purchased)
  • Allow sending out through e-mail (for non eDocX users)
  • Support barcode auto-filing
  • Sub reference number auto assign to documents attachments
  • Allow adding document description after check-in
  • Support CHI/ Eng/ Port PDF and TIFF content OCR (with ParaScan RE purchased)
  • Support sending to multiple users/ roles/ groups with AJAX auto suggestions


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