For Outlook users, ParaDM provides the new ParaShare for Outlook plug-in which can bring instant productivity of ParaShare. This is a hassle-free, easy to deploy plug-in that allows Outlook users to readily utilze and enjoy the powerful document sharing and collaboration functions of ParaShare from their familiar Outlook messaging application.

Allow Outlook user to readily utilize powerful ParaShare functions
User-defined attachment policy - as default or as needed
Default document sharing policy that ensures compliance with company's DMS policies
Document can be retrieved from user's folders or from ParaDoc
Convert attachment function to change generic attached documents to one of the ParaShare sharing options


User can expire a document with ParaShare for Outlook to render it no longer available to the recipients. In case a wrong document or version is sent to a recipient, this can be retrieved and replaced before the recipient has read it. The target external recipients can easily register and activate their ParaShare accounts for document sharing with full self-service functions.


  • Link up Outlook with DMS to enjoy ParaShare function, user can use their familiar Outlook application and GUI to perform ParaShare document sharing functions
  • Provides “File and Share” at single stop. Document indexing can be done automatically when users share the document with external parties
  • File and Share function can be easily performed by the drag-and-drop of file into the email editing windows
  • Full control of ParaShare functions in Outlook. E.g. you can allow external party to choose “Email Me”,   “Download”, and set “Read Alert” and “Expiry Date” etc. functions within Outlook
  • User can convert their attachments to ParaShare sharing options by just a single click
  • User can choose document directly from ParaDoc and be able to select precise version for sharing


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