ParaShare provides a new level of control, security and versatility of your business document sharing with external parties. The innovative ParaShare document sharing and collaboration solution helps businesses to take full control of their document sharing with external parties with complete document management functions.

Replace Dropbox types insecure file sharing applications
Full control of permitted functions on shared document with external parties
Easy to use with no learning required
Powerful T2 functions – wrong document or version sent can be retrieved and replaced
Easy to track and log document delivery and access


ParaShare replaces insecure Dropbox kinds of external file sharing. Furthermore, it provides full control of the permitted functions to perform on the shared documents.

Key Advantages

  • You control whether a document can be viewed only, printed, or downloaded by specific recipients.
  • You may add watermark for higher security documents such as important design files.
  • You can expire a document to render it no longer available to the recipients.
  • In case a wrong document or version is sent to a recipient, this can still be retrieved and replaced before the recipient has read it – to rescue you or your subordinates from the unwanted troubles.
  • Effectively integrated with your core business activity to control and track the document sharing and delivery to external parties.
  • Support simultaneous file and share of documents to simplify work processes.
  • Supports document approval workflow.
  • Ensures the document has been delivered and keeps track if the document has been viewed.
  • Online policy controller is employed for full identity check and access control of the external recipients.
  • External recipients can easily register and activate their accounts for document sharing with full self-service functions.
  • Intuitive and no learning is required to enjoy its benefits.


Power Tools and Plug-ins

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