ParaForm is a web-based tool that enables the creation of electronic forms through the Internet browser. Forms are created and processed electronically and when used with the ParaFlow, an organization's business process can be automated to manage the lifecycle of these electronic forms from form creation, review, approval and archive.

Web based platform for easy access of html form anytime, anywhere
Dynamic field handling and advanced validation and operations
Seamless integration with ParaFlow to automate form processing
Facilitate analysis and evaluation of input data for reporting and business intelligence


Key Advantages

  • Improve flexibility: web-based form can be accessed anytime and anywhere
  • Data validation and evaluation
  • Instant form submission and transmission
  • Support dynamic field handling
  • Gain efficiency by reusing previous form inputs
  • Layout manipulation of created forms could be done with third party graphical HTML editor easily
  • Easy to incorporate customized scripts for advanced validation and operations

ParaForm + ParaFlow = automated form flow applications

When ParaForm is combined with ParaFlow, the lifecycle of a form can be automated from form creation, review, approval, signing (i.e. digital signature) and archive. ParaForm can participate in several features of ParaFlow.

  • Business process automation
  • Form field value based conditional routing
  • Alert notification of task arrival and task due
  • Automate form life-cycle management
  • Better control on information access with field level security for different users

The Architecture of ParaForm

ParaForm is an object oriented HTML/XML based form creation tool developed using the J2EE platform. Electronic forms can be used with the ParaFlow to automate the approval process that is accessed with a single web address link to the form.

Key Technical Capabilities

There are 3 core functions, which make up the ParaForm to simplify form creation and manipulation:

Form definition

  • Form controls such as radio button, checkbox, textbox and many more HTML controls are available to ParaForm creation tool to easily create HTML forms.
  • Various input controls can be setup to restrict user-input with certain input type such as text, numerical, choice list, ordered list, etc.
  • Security framework based on user and user roles to manage the access right can be applied to forms

User interface

  • Web-based platform for easy access to online forms anytime and anywhere.

Statistical analysis

  • Form data captured can be used for evaluation and analysis to provide business intelligence and to create management reports
  • Keyword search of captured data on targeted input field.


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