ParaFlow is an enterprise solution that manages an enterprise's business processes to ensure every task is performed by the right people on time and to minimize human error involved in the manual work. It integrates seamlessly with ParaDoc to automate the lifecycle of an organization's business document from document capture, creation, review, approval and archive.

Automate business workflow to replace error-prone and tedious manual work processes
Task prioritization and escalation to ensure timely actions
Sophisticated task routing capabilities to suit different work flow scenarios
Dynamic task assignment capabilities to cope with real life needs


Key Advantages

  • Task priority and escalation procedure to ensure prompt responses
  • Ensure smooth process upgrade with workflow versioning
  • Gain flexibility with dynamic task assignment capabilities
  • Support parallel routing for process that require the attention for multiple actors at the same time
  • User-/Role-/Group-based conditional routing
  • Pre/Post conditional routing for work tasks
  • Web-based system for online access
  • Allow business processes to be visualized, standardized and performed by the right people
  • Automate business process to eliminate errors caused manually
  • Email and various alert notification for task arrival, completion and overdue

The Architecture of ParaFlow

ParaFlow is an object-oriented workflow engine based on the J2EE technology and with the advent of object-oriented based development, it has opened the doors for creating solution-oriented products. This product provides a customizable framework such that a range of robust and scalable services can be engineered, assembled and integrated to meet end-user business requirements

Key Technical Capabilities

  • Graphical process editor
  • User- / Role- / Group-based automatic routing
  • Dynamic task and deadline assignment
  • Serial and parallel routing
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Automated attachment filing
  • Simple integration with 3rd party reporting tools and system
  • Sub-workflow handling
  • Password based approval
  • Work-flow delegation
  • Rule-based task notifications and priority escalation
  • Data export and system log


Power Tools and Plug-ins

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