ParaDoc is a scalable, web-based document management system which can support enterprises of all sizes. All documents are intelligently indexed, organized and archived for offline storage for fast searching and easy retrieval to boost productivity.

Fast time to market: easy configuration and customization for different environments to boost user adoption
Productive collaboration: seamless integration with existing IT systems to facilitate automation and collaboration
Document control and security: comprehensive functions for access control, version control, audit trail and reporting;
document viewer to protect business data
Expandable functions: broad choices of plug-ins and power tools to extend system functions


ParaDoc is a versatile and robust document management system that is easy to implement and cost-effective to own. It brings enterprise-class scalability, high availability and security features to users of all industries with unmatched ease-of-use and time-to-market benefits.

Key Advantages

  • Improve the re-usability of information content
  • Document version control, audit trail and reporting
  • Reduce maintenance and administration cost and time to market
  • Improve speed of search and retrieval
  • Document collaboration with internal employees or external partners
  • Document security with user, group and role based access control
  • Enhanced scanning & indexing experience with touch screen ParaDM eCopy connector
  • Simplify the management of critical email with email client plug-in
  • Enhanced security control with document viewer
  • Shorten learning curve with MS Office plug-in and WebDAV support

ParaDoc + ParaFlow = efficient office workflow applications

When ParaDoc is combined with ParaFlow, document control such as approval trail requirements can be readily established so that documents must be reviewed, approved, and signed (via electronic signatures) by designated supervisors before they can be placed in designated parts of the repository.

  • Business process automation
  • Conditional Routing
  • Document lifecycle management
  • Alert and approval on target document's manipulation

The Architecture of ParaDoc

Workspaces in ParaDoc are categorized into personal and public folder by default. Users can only access their personal folder whereas permission is required for accessing the public folder. Files in ParaDoc are arranged using hierarchical tree structure and can support unlimited levels of folder. The architecture is extensible, highly available, scalable and secure. The characteristics of ParaDoc allow companies to leverage their information assets more effectively that results in shortened time to market and enhance company's efficiency.

Key Technical Capabilities

  • Rule base email archiving
  • Document versioning with check-in/check-out capability
  • User definable index and document profiling
  • Audit trailing
  • Unlimited scalability to support thousands of users and manage unlimited number of documents
  • Robust security based on users, groups and roles
  • Collaboration with discussion, invitation and alert
  • Webmail integration, archive and restore
  • MS Office integration with ODMA supported
  • WebDAV supported
  • Lotus Notes mail client integration
  • Folder based auto indexing
  • Document viewer supports daily document types
  • Keyword search supports relational search with educable dictionary


Power Tools and Plug-ins

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