How We Do It

We take a customer needs driven approach to ensure our solution can deliver the functions our customers require to automate and optimize their business processes. We start with a thorough understanding of customer’s environment, the users, processes and systems that may involve.

Our experienced consultants conduct feasibility study to uncover any potential bottlenecks or technical issues such as requirements to integrate with legacy systems etc. We will then plan to resolve the issues and define the scope the work involved. We gather user requirements precisely and accurately with our expert tools and systematic process to ensure their needs are well addressed and covered. From our rich knowledge base, we can leverage wealth of resources that are available and applicable to save time and efforts in the implementation.

We always aim to help our customer achieve their project success in the shortest time. We ease the job of their internal IT department by helping the users in their initial start-up configuration. E.g. we can help them with their account set up and initialization of work processes etc. so that their system can go live with ease. Our system can be readily modified by users themselves to meet their specific needs without help of IT to create custom software or scripts.

Based on the specific operation workflow being automated, we will tailor our training for the customer so as to help them appreciate the true benefits of the solution. This can boost initial user acceptance significantly and maximize the benefits of the project and its ROI to the business.



Power Tools and Plug-ins

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