About Us

ParaDM is an open architecture middle market enterprise content management (ECM) solution provider that provides a comprehensive and yet simple suite (DMS, workflow, eForm, and Imaging) that is highly customizable designed with uncompromised user experience in mind.

As ParaDM integrated suite of modular products includes ParaShare, ParaDoc, ParaFlow, ParaForm and ParaScan, various scale of adoption can be flexibly implemented. Many will opt to start small, quickly realized its benefit, and grow both in scale and scope subsequently.

It's the practical ECM solution (for user, IT and boss) you can find in the market.


Our Mission

We are committed to create value in the most significant way by managing the confluence of information and processes for the battlement of every individual in the world.


Our Philosophy

  • Uncompromised passion to change the world in a meaningful way
  • Persistently listen to the market with great humility
  • Strong predilection in devising creative and effective solutions
  • Respect for the individuals
  • A culture of open discussion and criticism
  • Highest level of honesty, integrity and truthfulness
  • Unrivaled services
  • Effective execution
  • Intolerable for anything mediocre

We believe that in providing technology solutions, there is nothing more important than delivering excellent services to our customers around the world. To ensure the services we deliver will always outperform our competitors in the industry, our persistent focus in maintaining the highest quality individuals in the organization as well as our tenacious customer focus attitude is un-compromised.






Power Tools and Plug-ins

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